Our company was established in 1995, professional information, knowledge and experience, confidence, vision of the initiatives of the two brothers who want to move their companies, active in industrial electrical and automation in order to perform the show and sale of products for this sector has been established. Incorporated in 2003, our company, with experienced staff, boiler and boiler rooms, chemical and biological treatment systems, water treatment-filtration and reverse osmosis systems, paper and paperboard production lines, different processes, automation of production lines and machinery of the projects are operational. since its establishment in 5.000, our company close to the project delivery, followed closely by new technologies every day, taking the larger projects. This successful performance of activities reflected in international projects, especially in Kazakhstan since 2000, in various regions, oil pumping stations, S7-300 and S7-400 PLC and WinCC SCADA close to 55 projects have been completed, and Turkmenistan, Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Iran, Ethiopia , Ukraine, Iraq, in countries such as Albania, both domestic firms and foreign firms have been delivered to the success of the various projects. All project applications, we have the infrastructure, working with Siemens automation products, our company is also an authorized dealer Emko electronic company. Basic principle, customers, fast, safe and economical solutions, applications have to perform contracts on time. Electrical and automation solutions for projects, jobs, economic designs deliver high-quality services business.
Basic principle of our company, customers, fast, secure and cost-effective solutions to present their commitments in time to perform in practice, has been. This approach will continue in the next period and will not compromise on this principle.
Our company, electrical and automation solutions suitable to you in your business, to offer economical design, this style is seeking to work.

Sistem Teknik Electric Co. Ltd. new project in your system. In both economical and safe solutions to offer to you, and want to see you in our portfolio, increasing our respects we wish you success in your business offers.